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Shelly Peacock 2016

Welcome to The Spinbird Group! You will love it here!


Need a new website, but don’t want to build it yourself?

Tired of all the high-handed “Techie” talk from other design companies that just makes your eyes glaze over and sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher?

Then, you have found your company.

SpinBird- We "Spin" your message, then fly it wherever it needs to go.

For more than 13 years we have worked with clients to make life easier, not more complicated. We are definitely passionate about Graphic Design and computer Imagery, from art to SEO/SEM. If you don’t know what these are, that’s okay too- because…

We love to mentor and teach new computer and digital skills. Need help configuring email? No problem. What about changing your website? We can show you how.
Our ultimate goal? To have internet search actually find what people are searching for, you. Great content, SEO done the right way, with real content and media that people actually want to read and see.. all packaged in a beautiful design that users will come back to- again and again.

We also do any and all traditional media advertising, including creative graphic design,  planning and buying media, both traditional and digital for local, regional and national clients.

The OP Life Irene Gianos

Irene Gianos
The OP Life, and CEO Honestly Margo

Shelly and The Spinbird Group are so incredible- I have worked with her and her team on several projects- and they always deliver perfection!


Cynthia S. Lyons, Attorney at Law

"Beautiful web site design and fantastic customer service!"

Equitable-Education-Solutions Main Logo 

Dr. Mike Langevin, President and CEO of Equitable Education Solutions

10 out of 10! "Shelly is great and goes the extra mile on everything she does."


Kathy Dunn, Broker | Realtor, First Realty Company

Working with The Spinbird Group has been a lot of fun, and Shelly really delivers! I couldn't be happier!


Shelly took one photograph, the website URL, her deep knowledge of design, and her ability to hone in exactly on what her client needs, to create AstroKate.com out of nothing in less than a day.
She is amazing. Super easy to work with, worth every penny.  
Shelly, I couldn't have done it without you.
Kate Newbill- AstroKate.com


Terrie VanCuren | Photos By Terrie

Shelly is amazing to work with. She did a great job on the website and is excellent at teaching me how to use it.

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