Exactly what is Responsive Web Design?


Responsive Web Design

In the olden days- like circa 2008, websites just had to worry about looking good on a monitor in front of someone on a desk.

Then along came smart phones, tablets, and all sorts of other devices that can also display websites. And, along with them came "Lazy" consumers that want everything handed to them in easy to read and understand, and see pages on their little phone screens. The new facts are staggering- and the prediction is: Mobile will force desktop into it's twilight in 2015. Eeek? And, it did.

What does this mean to you? It means that you need to get with the responsive web design program- or risk the loss of a whole group of folks that are out and about, not tethered to their desks.

So, what the heck is Responsive Web Design?

It is the ability of your website to adapt, or respond, to the size of the screen that opens it up. Yes, automagically. A specially designed interface that makes each screen display your business in the easiest and best format possible- intuitively.

The main issue here- if your website isn't built using responsive web design, your potential clients won't be able to see it, or worse- they will click that dreaded back button to go back to the Google search that you worked so very hard to even get onto- and that just left you out in the cold.

Let The Spinbird Group™ design a website for you that is responsive from the beginning- not an additional site, but an all-encompassing RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN that will keep your customers present and future happy no matter what device they are using.

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