Social Media Cover Design

From Twitter and Facebook to Yelp and Google For Business,

we can create a stellar social media cover design to match your campaign and drive your business to success!

We also offer full service social media – for those of you who are too busy to do it!

Custom Facebook pages, Twitter backgrounds and a ton of branding can really go a long way.

spinbird-facebook spinbird-twitter

Do these look familiar? They should, and if you have any of these accounts above- then GOOD FOR YOU!!

But… are you maximizing this incredible potential to be social with your customers? Let The Spinbird Group™ create Social Media Cover Design (s) for all of your profiles.

Just having a Facebook or Twitter account for your business isn’t enough, you need-

“Social Dynamite”

Unlock the potential of your Social presence. #Boom. #Pow!


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Once upon a time, “the old SEO” ruled the website marketing world. This was during the early, pioneering days of online marketing — before it was typical for a small business to have a website and long before your grandmother had an online presence that could rival a teenager. The old SEO strategy centered around one primary factor: Link Building. But today, link building as a direct SEO tactic is completely dead. The fact is, Google has found smarter ways to measure the popularity of your website: it’s called social media.

The fact that social media is critical to your online presence (and your search engine rankings) is often a tough pill for small business owners to swallow. It can be a difficult marketing strategy to measure, and it can seem like a strange way to grow their business.

But the days of easily measuring your SEO strategy are long gone. It’s no longer about building X amount of links and creating Y amount of optimized content pages on your website. These old approaches to getting search engine attention are very static. The new strategy is about being dynamic, engaged, and interactive within your marketplace. Social media is the only place you can make that happen.” Courtesy of: Stephanie Frasco, Social Media Today.

And, while you are putting in all of that effort to get your business “Socialized”, let The Spinbird Group™ create a dynamic and unforgettable social media cover design for all of your outlets!

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