Why do I need website maintenance?

The internet is ever-changing and for your site to remain secure from hackers and continue to work properly with new browsers and new software, your site’s code MUST be updated regularly.

Why do you need website maintenance?

  • To remove website vulnerabilities and reduce security risks. (The older the code, the easier it is for hackers to be able to break it.)
  • To keep your content current for new and existing customers.
  • To ensure your site works correctly with different browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Whether your website requires an occasional update or monthly, weekly or daily changes, we have a solutions to keep your website current.  Our cost-effective website maintenance plans were created not only to maintain a healthy site, but also to save you time and money for changes to your site.

Monthly Fee starts at $79.00, with additional charges that may apply for additional needs, such as internet and website security, SSL programs, dedicated IPs, and many more options.

The Spinbird Group Basic Maintenance Package Includes:

  • Guaranteed Framework Updates (completed immediately after package signup, and each time an update becomes available)
  • Add or Remove from your submissions to us:


Text (content)


Images, sliders, banners

Menus and navigation

Fix links or bugs

Edit shopping cart settings

Communication by email, phone or video chat 5 days/week

Our team is efficient with updating your site so you get the most out of your time. It is best to speak with us before choosing a package. We will review your site, your needs and help you decide on which package works best for your business.

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